Peer Support Initiatives

Social Purpose Enterprise

Being unemployed creates an invisible barrier for those with a mental illness with those in the working community. The longer a person in this capacity is unemployed, the more difficult it becomes to bridge that gap.

Creating business enterprises that are staffed and managed by individuals living with a mental illness directly addresses the barriers our clients face in trying to reach their vocational goals.

Being employed has been a great benefit to me in that it gives me a sense of purpose again. It gives me the experience of working in a traditional work environment in brief, manageable time periods.” [SHIP Client]

SHIP owns and operates two social purpose enterprise initiatives:

  • DestinationCafé.ca – a storefront business serving organic, fair-trade, freshly roasted coffee
  • DC Cleaning – a client-staffed business and residential cleaning service

These businesses offer employment and training opportunities for our clients while providing a way for them to take their first steps back into the community. Both DestinationCafé.ca and DC Cleaning foster business and community partnerships that create avenues for challenging perception and dealing with the stigma surrounding mental illness.

As a Healthy Housing™ and effective service provider, SHIP is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to enable individuals to meet personal goals and achieve professional success.