Integrated Seniors Team Program

SHIP is built on a solid foundation of support for marginalized populations. Each of our programs and services has been created to answer an identified need in the community.


The Integrated Seniors Team Program is a partnership between SHIP, Peel Senior Link and Punjabi Community Health Services. This unique partnership agreement provides supportive and health services that maximize the ability of high risk seniors to live independently in their homes.


The Integrated Seniors Team Program promotes seniors’ health and wellness by assisting:

• Seniors aged 55 and over, who have complex physical, emotional and medical concerns
• Seniors who would benefit from health education, crisis prevent, chronic disease self-management and intervention for social isolation

Healthcare service providers from SHIP and our partnership agencies have formed the Integrated Seniors Team (IST.) The IST makes in-home visits within North West Brampton. The IST is comprised of Community Counsellors, Community Mental Health Counsellors, Personal Support Workers and Case Managers. They provide risk management assessment and education, personal support services and access to supportive housing options.

The Integrated Seniors Team Program assists seniors in living independently by addressing issues of isolation and loneliness and by reducing the need for hospitalization or emergency services and admissions, alternate level of care (ALC) beds and premature long-term care placements.

The Integrated Seniors Team program includes:

• 24-hour on call system for emerging crisis situations
• In-home visits addressing social, educational, physical fitness and mind stimulation needs
• Chronic disease prevention and management through linkages with existing community-based health programs
• Fall prevention training, assessment and management of environmental and home risk factors

Referrals to our Integrated Seniors Team Program can be made by community and hospital services, family physician, healthcare service provider or the prospective client.


For more information, contact Central Intake at 1-905-795-8742 or