High Support Program

SHIP is built on a solid foundation of support for marginalized populations. Each of our programs and services has been created to answer an identified need in the community. 

In partnership with CAMH, SHIP is pleased to offer the High Support Program.
The High Support Program is a model of housing designed to assist individuals who are challenged with complex mental health and co-occurring issues.
The goal of this program is to facilitate a healthy and supportive environment that maximizes successful outcomes during the transition to independent living.  
 With an emphasis on recovery and rehabilitation, the High Support Program provides tenants with Healthy Housing™ accommodations, access to recreational activities and transportation, and 24/7 individualized support models to:
  • Facilitate socialization activities and practices
  • Encourage healthy and sustained community integration
  • Monitor client progress and ensure safety of program participants
Onsite intensive support is provided by a team of personal support workers, nurses, and ACTT team members. Relief and overnight staff offer clinical support and assistance with activities of daily living – including dietary and hygiene support, and daily checks.